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1 liter barrier bottle - white

1 liter barrier bottle - white

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Discover our high-quality packaging solution for liquids in packaging groups II and III (Y, Z) - the ideal choice for safe transport and storage. Our UN-certified packaging offers outstanding properties that meet the needs of various applications.


1. Safe UN packaging: Specially developed for liquids in packaging groups II and III (Y, Z), our packaging guarantees the highest safety standards during transport and storage.

2. Permeation resistance: The packaging is characterised by very high permeation resistance, which means that the contents are effectively shielded from gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapour.

3. Functional barrier: Thanks to our technology, we ensure that your ingredients do not escape into the atmosphere and remain in the packaging. This means optimum protection for your products.

4. Flammable liquids: Suitable for the filling, transport and active storage of flammable liquids - a safe choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

Application examples

Flavours, fragrances and flavourings

- Additives & cleaning agents

- Release agents & polishes

- Fine chemicals & UV adhesives

- Hardeners & primers

- Dangerous goods e.g. flammable liquids


- 1H1 / Y1.9 / 150.../KWK (hazardous goods approval)

- Assimilation with: Water, wetting agent, KW mixture (white spirit) and butyl acetate

Production / Quality assurance

- ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018

- Regulation EU No. 10/2011 & EC 1935/2004


Basic structure: polyethylene (HDPE)

- Barrier layer: EVOH (middle layer)

- Inner layer: HDPE (in contact with the product)

- Manufactured using the 6-layer extrusion blow moulding process (CoEx6)

Dimensions + weight

Nominal volume: 1000 ml

- Overflow volume: 1140 ml +/- 20 ml

- Container height: 224 mm +/-2 mm

- Container outer diameter: 88.2 mm +/- 2 mm

- Insert weight (EC): 80 g +/- 2 g

- Neck geometry: DIN 45

- Neck inner diameter: 34 mm DIN 45

- Bottle colours: white - black

Packaging unit

Pallet CP1: 1.00m x 1.20 m

- Packing scheme (4 layers) 652 pieces/pal. (4 x 163)

- Pallet height incl. pallet: 1.30 m


Caps: DIN 45 with barrier function (particularly ergonomic)

- Optional sealing discs in the closure: PE/ALU/ or PE/EVOH (metal-free)

- Closure colour: white and black (standard)

- Shipping unit: 900 pieces (KTH)

- Other closure colours available on request!

Environmental compatibility

- Recycling symbol 02 (PE-HD)

- Mechanical recycling is possible thanks to the high PE content and low EVOH content

- CO2 product footprint: 263 g CO2e per bottle

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  • Returnable use for at least 5 years from the date of manufacture for hazardous goods

  • Thanks to the 6-layer barrier, the packaging is absolutely leak-proof.

  • 0% production waste, less weight, lower logistics costs, less greenhouse gas

  • Customisation, such as colour or logo embossing possible

    - please contact us.