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3 litre barrier canister made of plastic HDPE DIN 61 rectangular

3 litre barrier canister made of plastic HDPE DIN 61 rectangular

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High-performance packaging for liquids

The safe UN packaging for liquids in packaging groups II and III (Y, Z) offers a first-class solution for the storage and transport of a wide range of substances. This packaging, made of high-quality polyethylene (HDPE) with an EVOH barrier, fulfils the highest standards for food packaging, pharmaceutical primary packaging and much more.


- Versatile application: This packaging is perfect for transporting liquid foodstuffs, active pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetic products, fine chemical substances and even flammable liquids.

- Permeation safety: the packaging provides an outstanding barrier to gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapour, which ensures the quality of the ingredients and can extend shelf life.

- Electrostatic safety: Thanks to its dissipative design, the packaging effectively prevents electrostatic charging, which minimises the risk of ignition sources.

- Use in Ex zones: Approved for use in potentially explosive zones IIa and IIb, this packaging offers maximum safety for the filling, transport and storage of flammable liquids.

Application examples

- Flavours, fragrances and flavourings

- Foodstuffs (alcoholic, fatty, aqueous)

- Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)

- Cosmetics (aseptic)

- Additives & cleaning agents

- Release agents & polishes

- Fine chemicals (Ultrapure) & UV adhesives

- Flammable liquids

- Hardeners & primers


- Basic structure polyethylene (HDPE)

- Barrier layer EVOH (middle layer)

- Dissipative outer layer

- Manufactured using the 6-layer extrusion blow moulding process

- Approved under food law

Technical data

- Height with handle: 171 mm

- Height without handle: 158 mm

- Width: 164 mm

- Depth: 194 mm

- Closure ⌀: DIN 61 (mm)

- Nominal volume: 3 litres

- Weight: 250 grams for density ≤1.4

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  • Returnable use for at least 5 years from the date of manufacture for hazardous goods

  • Thanks to the 6-layer barrier, the packaging is absolutely leak-proof.

  • 0% production waste, less weight, lower logistics costs, less greenhouse gas

  • Customisation, such as colour or logo embossing possible

    - please contact us.